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This section is where you can find useful stuff like wiring diagrams, code definitions, parts diagrams and so on. I'm just now getting to it, so it's going to be limited right now, but growing.

Wiring Diagrams (By Year) - [1964] [1965] [1966] [1967] [1968] [1969] [1970] [1971] [1972]

Reading Casting Numbers - How to read those weird C7ZZ-7528-H (Z-bar for a 390 Mustang) numbers.

National Mustang Club Directory - Listing of many classic Mustang and Ford clubs across the nation. (Temporarily down)

Local (PNW) Mustang Club Directory - Clubs local to us in the Pacific Northwest.

65-66 GT Identification - Tips on identifying & authenticating 65-66 Mustang GTs.

VIN/Dataplate Decoder - Decode your Mustang's VIN and dataplate codes online!

Engine Math Calculator - Handy calculators to figure compression ratio, select the right carburetor, estimate horsepower and more.

Steering Box Identification - Steering box codes for 65-70 as well as general information about the various boxes produced.

Shop Tool Definitions - A look at the tools we all know and love. A little humor in here is OK.


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