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Dyno Services

Often the critical piece of building any high-horsepower car is the final one - The tuning, where you can actually dial in all of the hard work and see how it runs. We have our own in-house and in-ground Mustang MD-1750 dynomometer, Mustang's top-of-the-line unit and the most powerful unit on the market. At 50 inches, the dyno has the largest rollers on the market and is capable of measuring 3,000 horsepower and running 250mph.

Not just for Mustangs! We offer tuning for Ford, Chevy and Mopar, and tune with both SCT and Diablo hardware & software. See our sister site at TMSPerformance.com for details.

Current dyno service pricing is as follows:

  • $90 Baseline dyno: This includes three back to back pulls with datalogging of timing, air/fuel, and boost, or any other specific parameters that you request. This will give horsepower and torque, and is a good place to start and see if the vehicle would benefit from a tune, or to check if tuning is required after performance modifications have been done (such as turbocharging). This is also an excellent test to do before and after modifications are made to the vehicle to show real-world improvement numbers.
  • $150/Hourly Tuning: This includes doing initial baseline runs, analyzing the results and making fuel and timing changes based on the results, with a final horsepower run and printout once tuning is complete. Most modified cars require custom mapping of timing, airflow and fuel curves to optimize for power. This usually takes a couple of hours and is completely customized to your car. Cars with power adders typically take longer to work through drivability issues. There is a 2 hour ($300) minimum for all tuning done on the dyno.
  • $100 GM Licensing fee: For GM products that are custom tuned, there is an additional $100 fee for the VIN-specific software license to allow for changes. This is the actual cost that is just passed along.

(Listed pricing subject to change, please call for current rates)

either in need of tuning work or capable of your own tuning, but don't have your own dyno equipment? We offer complete dyno cell rental and special tuning packages for wholesale/commercial customers. See here for details.

Dyno days! We regularly operate open dyno days where groups can bring down cars for discounted, flat-rate dyno runs. Any make and model is welcome (as long as it can run in two wheel drive!) as we love to see variety here. These are commonly organized by online forum groups or car clubs, and we typically like to see about a 12 car minimum to ensure a busy day for the dyno operator and fun a experience for everyone. We like to keep a scoreboard for high/low horsepower and also do quarter mile days where the cars can drag race against each other & the clock. Watch our Facebook page or the main page for upcoming events.


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