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Classic Mustangs

Your Vision, Your Mustang

Whether you are looking to have that dream car built or just get yours feeling like new, we can help.

Have you been waiting for that perfect car to come along? Don't spend all of your time reading the want ads just to buy someone else's car, consider having it built just for you. Building a car from the ground up, with a plan from start to finish, is the only way to do it right. We can locate a suitable car to start with, and work with you through the planning stages to design something unique for you that can be enjoyed for many years. This is our specialty and the area that we focus on most. We have experience with custom jobs and are happy to sit down and discuss your ideas to fit a car to your wants.

Our Services

Our services include everything from ground-up restoration to custom engine building, bodywork, interior and performance.

Looking for custom work or conversions? Tremec or T5 5-speed transmissions, carb to EFI conversions, power front or rear disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, Mustang II front ends, Fox or SN95 suspension conversions, modern engine transplants and anything else you can imagine. A lot of enthusiasts dream about what is possible, we have actually done it!

Powertrain Experience

Engine transplants, specifically 4.6l and general EFI conversions have become a specialty of ours. We have the knowledge and experience to handle anything you can dream up. As a pioneer in modular engine swaps, we know what works and what doesn't when designing your car. No matter if you want a mild EFI smallblock, a trick stroker motor or a blown DOHC powerplant, we can get you on the right track.

Custom Touches

Want something a little different to set your car apart, or add a few amenities along the way? The modern hot-rod and custom industry has opened just about every door you could think of for your classic. High-end stereo systems, keyless entry, heated seats and the safety of modern seat belts are extras to some and necessities to others. No matter what you can come up with, chances are it can be done.

For a few examples of projects we have done, take a look at the Past Projects page.

More information will follow shortly. See our contact information page and give us a call, we are always here to help.


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