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Cartech Books: High-Performance Ford Mustang Buyer's Guide: 1979 - Present
Category: 1: 1965-73 Mustang Parts - Books & Manuals - Cartech Books -
Part Number: CTB-SA111

by Travis Thompson The Ford Mustang is an American icon; young and old, everyone loves the Mustang. High-Performance Ford Mustang Buyer’s Guide: 1979– Present is your one-stop shop to find out which modern-era Mustang has the most powerful engine, the best-handling suspension, or the most available aftermarket upgrades. Whether your intentions are to mod it out or keep it stock, this book has all the information you need. Each chapter focuses on a particular incarnation of the modern Mustang. Inside each chapter is info on the stock performance features of that particular Mustang, including engine, drivetrain, suspension, and brakes, followed by an overview of what the high-performance aftermarket has to offer for that model.

High-Performance Ford Mustang Buyer’s Guide: 1979–Present covers all V-8 Mustangs (plus the SVO) comparing their standard performance features and discussing what it takes to make them go faster using aftermarket performance parts or factory upgrades.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:
CTB-SA111 High-Performance Ford Mustang Buyer's Guide: 1979 - Present $24.95

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